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    The multi-light RMS offers a customizable multi light mount solution for Radion XR30 and Radion XR15 lights.

    RMS System Features

    • Built-in cable management 
    • Compatible with rimmed, rimless, and eurobraced tanks 
    • Extremely rigid and light 
    • Anodized Aluminum Finish 
    • Flexible slide mounts allow for you to move and rotate your Radion position to perfectly illuminate your corals
    • Mounts Radions optimally at approximately 7 inches 18cm above glass 

    Flexible Design to Fit Your Needs

    Because the multi-light RMS is a modular system, choose the components that fit your needs. To build a mount you will need a set of arms, the right rail for your tank and the number and model of light mounts that fit your setup.

    Rails In All Lengths

    Tanks come in a lot of shapes and sizes. To accommodate the vast majority of commercially available and custom aquariums the RMS multi-light rails start at 20.5 inches and increase in 10 inch increments to 90.5 inch. The multi-light RMS allows for adjustment of the rail with respect to the arms - meaning that even if your tank is not a common length - there is a rail length that will work for you.  

    Use this Track Length Guide to find the best solution for mounting your Radions.

    Mix & Match

    A single Multi-Light RMS setup can accommodate both XR15 and XR30 model Radions on the same rail.

    In order to complete your Radion Multi-Light System you will also need to purchase2 RMS Arms (sold in pairs), and an RMS Slide to match your Radion (either XR15, or XR30 Slide).