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Aquarium RO/DI 100 GPD 5 stages (clear cartdridges)

Aquarium RO/DI 100 GPD 5 stages (clear cartdridges)

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The best Ro/Di Unit on the market at the lowest price at RS store!!! clearcartdridges, Reverse osmosis system5 steps with dionisator-100 gal per dayCaracteristics:-Membrane Thin film 100gal/day-1x Sediment 1 micron cartdridge-1x Activated carbon cartdridge-1x GAC carbon cartdridge-White canisters-1xrefilable DI refilableAttention ! The clear pre-filtration cartdridges that you can find on the market are pretty to look but are harmful for the RO/Di unit efficacity. In fact, the water that passes through thoses clear membranesaren't waste free! Because of the light that can operates a photosynthesis into the cartdridges, you may have an algae problem and your unit may be blocked. Note that the resine cartdridges contains a special mediawithcolor changing when they'refinished (its color will turn on brown)-auto flow restriction ...nothing to do, no restriction valve-Wrentchfor canisters-Saddle to plug directly to the tap water pipe-Saddle for waste-Quick connect fittings- John Guest type--Fully assembled ready to use-comes with hose adapterNote :Don't forget to use an inlineTDS meter with your DI cartdridges to be sure to have a 100% pure water.
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