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Aquarium RO/DI 100 GPD 5 stages (white cartdridge)

Aquarium RO/DI 100 GPD 5 stages (white cartdridge)

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RO/DI Reverse Osmosis/ Deionizer -5stages- to make pure water -100 gallons per day
-White pre-filter cartridges-

The best Reverse Osmosis on the market MADE ESPECIALLY FOR REEFSOLUTION, ready to use, already assembled with the best materials at a simply unbeatable price!!!

Whether for salt water (a must) or for fresh water, this machine will provide you from your champelure water with water of exceptional quality, 99.9% pure! The uses of reverse osmosis water are numerous and the advantages numerous. Give your saltwater tank the purity it needs: by giving you water free of heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides and other contaminants, viruses, bacteria, your aquarium will thank you!

Features :
-Thin film membrane 100 gallons per day 99% rejection-
-White tank ATTENTION! The transparent cartridges are pleasant to look at but are however to be avoided for the pre-filtration stages before the membrane. The water that passes through its sections has not in fact been freed of its nutrients by the membrane. The light that passes through the cartridges therefore creates perfect places for the proliferation of bacteria and algae!!! What we absolutely do not want is that photosynthesis takes place and the cartridges have a good chance of clogging. Note that the resin cartridges are fully filled with special resin which will change color to warn you to change it.

-1x 1 micron Sediment Cartridge included
-1x Extruded Charcoal Cartridge
-1x Activated Carbon Cartridge for even more protection of your membrane
-1x DI cartridge refillable with resin included
-Automatic closing system ''Auto-shut Off'' included
-External flow reducer already adjusted: no more adjustments to make! Optimized water flow
-1x Key to unscrew all cartridge and membrane tanks
-Saddle for the connection on your return (sewer) the rejection
-Faucet adapter included

The use of an in-line TDS is recommended with DI resins to know at all times that your water is always 100% pure!

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