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Eshopps X-220 Axium Skimmer (200-325gal)

Eshopps X-220 Axium Skimmer (200-325gal)

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The successor to the 3rd Generation of the ESHOPPS PSK-Series, the MID-LEVEL LINE of AXIUM Skimmers continues to redefine simplicity. Switching to an internal pump design allows for a smaller footprint. The new AXIUM Skimmers are equipped with new features such as the new water level adjustable baffle, silencer, quick release pump lock, and a complete redesign of the skimmer body. Guaranteed to grab the attention of many hobbyists is its eye-catching new royal-like purple color scheme. Features Independent Water Air Ratio Adjustment from Silencer Easy tuning for precise Skimming Transparent Venturi Transparent Venturi to see any calcium build up and allow for easier maintenance Ultra Quiet Performance Utilizing the industrys favorite pump, Sicce, to maintain the quietness, while maximizing the performance Unique Reaction Chamber High volume reaction chamber in a compact design Adjustable Water Level Baffle For fine tuning Specifications X-120X-160X-220X-350 Item # 55101 55111 55121 55131 Diameter 4 3/4 6" 7 3/8" 7 7/8 Height 18" 20" 21.5" 22 7/16 Footprint 6.5x5 3/4" 7 5/8x7 3/4" 9x8 1/4" 9 3/4x9 5/8" Water Level 7-9" 7-9" 7-9" 7-9" Tank Rating 40-120g 100-225g 200-325g 300-450g Pump SE-200 PSK-600 PSK-1000 PSK-1200 Watts 10 14 18 22 Bioload Capacity 75 Heavy90 Medium120 Light 100 Heavy170 Medium220 Light 200 Heavy270 Medium320 Light 300 Heavy370 Medium420 Light
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