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Matrix™ , SeachemPremium Biofilter Support Media 1Liter

Matrix™ , SeachemPremium Biofilter Support Media 1Liter

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Matrix is a highly porous media designed to provide exceptionally efficient biofiltration for single site removal of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate from freshwater, marine, and reef aquaria. Each liter of Matrix provides over 160,000 cm2 (170 sq. ft.) of surface, equivalent to over 40L (10 gallons) of typical plastic ball media! This product is sold by volume. Cited weight is minimal weight.Size: 1 L. DIRECTIONS: Use 500 mL of Matrix for each 200 L (50 gallons*) of water. Matrix may be placed in any kind of filter, and is particularly effective in a canister filter. Matrix is sufficiently large that no filter bag should be required for most applications. Matrix works well in drip tray systems, but you may find that the larger Pond Matrix is better suited for such applications. Aerobic bacteria grow on the pitted external surfaces of Matrix and convert ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to nitrate. These pores which cover Matrix are home to anaerobic bacteria. close up of Matrix pore Anaerobic bacteria convert nitrate into nitrogen gas, which is then expelled at the tank surface close up of bacteria and internal walls of Matrix
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