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Python No Spill Kit 50Ft

Python No Spill Kit 50Ft

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* Automatic siphoning for hassle-free aquarium water changes - No spills! No pails! * Simply attach to your faucet to use water pressure to clean and fill aquariums * Removes water and power washes gravel with minimum disturbance to your fish * Maintain a clean and healthy aquarium environment free of visible and invisible aquarium pollutants Simplify crucial aquariumwater changes! Discover the revolutionary water changing and gravel cleaning solution customers tell us is "the best product to come along in 20 years." The Python No Spill Clean 'N Fill easily adapts to most faucets, using water pressure to simultaneously siphon water from your aquarium and clean aquarium gravel. With a flip of the Python faucet pump, clean fresh water is directed back to fill the aquarium. Put an end to the backbreaking bucket brigade... and its mess! Includes tubing, gravel tube, on/off valve, hose connectors, faucet pump, and faucet adapter. Comes in four sizes, ready to use. Measure distance from faucet-to-aquarium to determine which product to order. For fresh or saltwater aquariums. 50Ft long kit
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