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Salifert Coralline Amino Acids 250ml

Salifert Coralline Amino Acids 250ml

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There is sufficient evidence for that some amino acids are highly essential while some amino acids have a negative impact on the stability and growth of corals.Salifert`s Coralline AminoAcids contains all the amino acids in correct proportions as found in coral skeletons.We omit all amino acids which have a negative effect on the stability and growth of the coral skeleton.Salifert is currently the only company offering such a well-defined formulation.Coralline AminoAcids gives corals the opportunity to form a stable skeleton or skeletal needles. The negative effects of phosphate are also markedly decreased.Also, all ingredients are of a pharmaceutical quality or even better. This ensures that no unwanted elements are added to your valuable aquarium. Good product for corallin\'s growth
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