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Salifert Iodine Test Kit

Salifert Iodine Test Kit

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Iodine is present in natural seawater at a very low concentration (0.6 mg/L or 0.06 PPM) and this iodine is present in several different forms including iodide, iodate, molecular iodine and hypoiodite.

There is a misconception among many hobbyists that iodide predominates in natural seawater, but in fact iodate is the predominant element.

Test kits that are unable to detect iodate are not suitable for aquarium use. In a properly functioning tank most iodide will be converted to iodate and any test kits not capable of detecting iodate will give a falsely low iodine reading.

Iodine test kits should be able to measure all forms of natural iodine. The Salifert Test Kit is the only one offering this feature, measuring all iodine compounds and giving a total iodine concentration reading.

Unlike many other test kits, the Iodine Salifert Profi-Test is free from interference from other elements found in salt water, which means very accurate.

The scale goes from 0.01 - 0.15ppm and the optimum level is 0.06 mg/L.

Can provide 40 test

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