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South Seas Rock - Base Rock 1 lb

South Seas Rock - Base Rock 1 lb

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BASE ROCK SOUTH SEAS Product description Carib Sea's South Seas Lace Rock is a great new aquascaping rock for all aquatic enthusiasts! South Seas Lace has much more structure than any other commonly available aquascaping rock and is much more porous than others as well (you will get more rock for your money). South Seas Lace is a calcium carbonate base rock that is very similar to actual reef rock, and at one point actually was, although it is obtained terrestrially from ancient coral reefs underground. South Seas Lace will make the perfect alternative to live rock or can provide a very attractive 'base' for live rock. South Seas Lace can also provide a very clean, unique look for cichlid and livebearer tanks. livraison gratuite non applicable free shipping not applicable
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