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Eheim Feed Air Automatic Feeder

Eheim Feed Air Automatic Feeder

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Feed Air Automatic Feeder 3581000 (Eheim)Item Number: EH0133The Eheim Feed Air Automatic Feeder is an easy and safe way to feed your aquarium fish while you are away. Electronically controlled programming, with up to 4 daily feeding times. Choice of short or longer feeding intervals thanks to time delayed double programming function. The feeder also had an LCD display for easy reading. A revolutionary aeration system guarantees dry feed up to the last flake. With the transparent container the food level can easily be seen and filled. The container is ideal for flakes and granules.Instructions:Insert batteries that come with the unit. Do not use rechargeable batteries. For programming of the unit follow the directions given with it carefully. For filling take out the container unit lengthwise and remove the cover on the back. Clean the drum, ensuring it is dry, and fill the amount of feed. Then place the cover back on and insert the drum unit onto the axis. By adjusting the slider, the container opening can be varied in order to dose the amount of feed that is required. When placing the unit on the tank place the automatic feeder on the aquarium cover so that the feed can fall freely to the surface of the water. Do not cover up the air-intake opening.Size:2 1/2" L x 2 1/2" W x 5 1/2" H
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