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Tunze Nanostream 6045

Tunze Nanostream 6045

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Nanostream 6045 Design is much more than only styling of existing products: It is the expression of an idea and a concept; it opens ones eyes. Turbelle nanostream combines aesthetics and function. This innovative circulation pump sets new records: At a diameter of only 70 mm it enables a water flow of 4.500l/h (1189 USgal./h)at an energy consumption of only 8 W. The pump includes a very large strainer for the intake which prevents remature soiling. The spherical shape permits an ingenious 3D setting of the direction of flow. As a standard feature, Turbelle nanostream is supplied with a magnetic holder, which enables uncomplicated attachment at any position on the aquarium pane. The speed of the Turbelle nanostream 6055 can be controlled by a Singlecontroller or a Multicontroller; in addition, they have been provided with a fish care function in case of motor standstill. Turbelle nanostream 6045 Turbelle nanostream 6045 For aquariums from 100 to 200 litres (26 to 53 USgal.) Flow rate: 4,500 l/h (1,189 US gal./h) Energy consumption: 8 W Voltage / frequency:115V/60Hz Cable length: 2 m (78.7 in.) Dimensions: diam. 70 mm (2.7 in.), output: diam. 40/15 mm (1.5 / .59 in.)
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